Lokasjon: Oslo, Norway Vekstfase: Early
Finansieringsbehov (NOK): MIN: 1 000 000 MAKS: 4 000 000

The Business Idea

Our mission is to help our customers prepare for the unpredictable and structure the chaos, by making humanitarian aid digitized. Disaster relief organizations are in many cases still manual and old school. We want to help – making them able to utilize their resources in a better way.

WAID delivers a modular software solution for process handling of complex missions and activities, where safety and efficiency are critical. By developing a modular platform, the organizations only need to pay for what they actually need and can put together a solution customized for their needs. In this way, we are letting the disaster relief organizations do what they are best at – saving lives.

The Team

Our team members have diverse academic backgrounds and complementary personal skills. With a unique network of contacts, advisors and mentors, we aspire to become leaders in the field of preparedness systems.

Karoline Saastad, CEO / Co-founder
Jonas Aakenes, CTO / Co-founder
Nikolai Dokken, Software Engineer
Simen Næss, Software Engineer

The Market Potential

We can deliver this solution to everyone with a need to better utilize human resources and handling large mission. Initially, we have found this problem among humanitarian aid organizations. Our service obtainable market in Norway is 1 M yearly, which corresponds to 700 MNOK annually on the international market. We recently converted our pilot customer to a paying customer.


  • Norway’s first international client after the large-scale scaling in Beirut.
  • National launch in Q1 2021.
  • International launch in Q3 2021.
  • In January we will be attending the Impact Startup Bootcamp and FN’s purchasing seminar.
  • 1 000 000 from Forsikringsrådet/The Research Council of Norway through the organization FORNY STUD-ENT.

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