Oslo, Norway Growth Phase: Early
Funding Needs (NOK): MIN: 1 500 000 MAX: 5 000 000

The Business Idea

Numus is a personal finance and wealth management platform for both banks and independent clients.

Numus lets you take control of your money. Balance your income and expenses. Understand where your money goes. Set and achieve your financial goals. Seamlessly and intuitively.

Numus helps banks improve relationships with their clients and clients improve their loyalty.

The business model is :

  • B2C, Fremium with in-app purchase and Premium membership.
  • B2B, White label solution ; Platform as a Service – PaaS ; API monetization (credit scoring, insurance, targeted marketing etc..).
  • B2G, Personal finance education app version.

What banks can do with us?

  • Help new generation of customers (with focus on Millennials) save enough to get a loan
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Tool for “savings” that young generation understand
  • Tools for engaging Millennials like gamification and beneficial benchmarking

Examples on awesome features:

  • Spending patterns, spatial intelligence
  • Taoliored and personalized  features based on AI
  • Automated savings, budget. Recomendations
  • Gamified and benchmarking visualizations

The Team

Besim Ismaili, CTO / Founder

Over a decade of experience in the field of Information Technology, Solution Architecture, Data Analysis and Design, Data Architecture, Big Data, Data Lake, Data warehousing, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence and lately Data Science and AI.

Career highlights:

  • The Best new employee for 2011 of Nordic Choice Hotels AS. The price was awarded directly from Petter A. Stordalen, well-known activist, environmentalist, and billionaire
  • Den Norske Dataforening (DnD) Finalist for the project “Streknigsanalyse”
  • Oslo Municipality Award for smart city solution
  • Silicon Viking Finalist, with Numus
  • Winner of Vienna Fintech Hackathon with Numus front end solution FinFit
  • Top 10 best Nordic Solution by Innovation Norway and IDG China
  • OIW 100 pitches with Numus
  • Acceler8 finalist and Horizon Ventures selected company
  • Speaker about Business Intelligence, Data Science, FinTech and Data for Good; presented at Oslo Big Data Day in Oslo and Global Big Data Summit in Santa Clara, US
  • Certified from the best Universities in the World including MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University and UC at Berkeley
Endre Brask Grønmyr, CEO / Co-Founder

Senior finance and business development manager; combining CFO, private equity, M&A and start-up experience in an international context.

Comprehensive finance experience; led equity- and debt financing projects; established reporting and forecasting routines; optimized tax and VAT structures; developed valuation and financing models; responsible for Business and IT.

Arten Avdiu, Tech Lead / Partner

Arten has more than 11 years’ experience in the software development, data transformation and discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data. He has fast learning capability in any new innovative technology, and ready to face new challenges in the finance and bank sector.

Agathe Tørris, Business Developer

Agathe is passionate about helping develop businesses by planning how to best use digital tools and implement their use
Optimizing your value chain to facilitate scaling and free up resources for innovation.
Bringing your innovation to life from idea generation to product/market fit
Adheres to Lean management approaches & thinking.

Lena Sahoo, COO / HR

Lena is a passionate working professional experienced in building initiatives and projects to achieve strategic business results. Enjoyed working across all facets of HR & Project management in various industry segments like Marketing & Advertising, Information Technology, Banking & Finance from India & Norway.

Arza Haliti, Financial Adviser

Arza is a skilled financial service professional with highly motivated and hardworking with team members focused on financial accountability and transparency at all levels to meet and exceed company goals

Fisnik Kadriu, Head of Accounting

Fisnik is a highly motivated and hardworking finance professional with very strong communication, organization and managerial skills, obtained through a high quality education and relevant work experience.

The Market Potential

In Europe 76% is living from paycheck to paycheck, but only 32% keep a household budget – large social impact possibility.

 In Global, over 90% is living from paycheck to paycheck, but just 12% keep household budget.

 Millennials represent a segment that is a significant contributor to economy, has strong social influence and high banking potential. However, banks are facing a major challenge: Millennials are disengaged. 49% of 18-34 years old in Norway and Sweden are disengaged with bank services.

The market size is estimated to be 36 million millennials in Europe, 4 millions in Nordic countries and 1 million in Norway.  


  • IDG China and Innovation Norway: 10 best app ideas
  • 5 million NOK pre-money evaluation
  • Promised 1 Million NOK from BAN*
  • Winner of Vienna F10 Hackathon
  • Innovation Contract with Raiffeisen Bank
  • Silicon Vikings Norway World Cup Finalist
  • Acceler8 finalist
  • US VC Investor + Innovation Norway Commercialization I+II

What do we need?

  • Need partnership with banks and other financial institutions to penetrate the market via B2B
  • Need investments to move to our B2C and B2G market

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