Violet – the Music Stock Market
Bergen, Norway Growth Phase: Early
Funding Needs (NOK): MIN: 1 000 000 MAX: 5 000 000

The Business Idea

Violet makes it possible to buy, own and sell the music you love.

Through Violet anyone can have a place in the music industry. Violet is the first market place where music royalties of popular Songs can be traded as equities in a stock market.

Today, the majority of music is owned by record labels, publishers and artists; Violet wants to
open the world of music-royalties to everyone, while supporting artists with a quicker liquidity.

Violet Market’s technology is customized to suit the peculiarities of the Music industry.

Violet offers:
  • Offers a dedicated section for listing Shares of Songs.
  • Offers a full overview of portfolios, Songs’ price volatility, trading history, live music metrics and feeds.
  • Offers an automated dividend-payout system.
  • Handles up to ~5bn trades / sec per core & dynamic orderbook.

Violet market offers a modern infrastructure that allows private Users and Company accounts
to own and trade shares of royalties deriving from music sales and streaming.

Why invest in music?

Every time a song is streamed or downloaded, it generates revenue to the owners of such
royalties. Therefore the financial motivation is that Music share-holders will be periodically
rewarded with payments stemming from the sales of the songs they own, in proportion to their
In addition, investors can benefit from price fluctuation and trading.

How will this benefit record companies and artists?

By selling part of the tokenized royalties, record labels and artists will immediately capitalize
their music properties, receiving the cash straight into a digital wallet, instead of collecting the
revenue of a Song over a long period of time.
This represents a significant risk reduction and improves liquidity that can be re-invested in marketing, A&R’s, new technology and new music.

The Team

Thor N. Holum, Chairman

10+ years of client facing experience as wealth manager for for top tier fund managers.

Gianni Chiarparini, CEO

10+ years experience from the music industry as music producer.

The Market Potential

Music generates a 20 Billion USD annual revenue stream, this is the cash flow we look to trade in. 0,1% market share can give 25-50 MNOK revenue.

The music market is changing, adapting to innovation and new technologies.
Streaming is growing fast and has already become the main source of music consumption. Despite the growth, this puts pressure on music labels’ and artists’ liquidity because the process of collecting enough revenue is stretched over a significantly longer period of time, creating a big gap in the music industry.


Our first listings
    • This iconic track by Robert Miles was released in 1995 and sold over 5MN of copies worldwide. For the electronic music’s lovers, Children is considered an “evergreen” song; indeed it still generates great revenue and several million of monthly streams.
    • Endre is a Norwegian rising star in the POP and Acoustic scene, He generated more than 25M streams across all streaming platforms in 3 years, in other words, he is experiencing great growth.
    • Groovejet became a hit in Europe and Australia, peaking nr. 1 in UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia, reaching nr. 3 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club chart. The single went platinum in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Our value proposition for music companies

  • Record labels can exhange long term revenue stream for liquidity that is needed to develop their business and invest in new artists.
  • Transition to streaming increases this need as recoupment is not always matched in time. The music industry is highly competitive and liquidity is crucial to find and break new artists into the market.
  • We bring in a new market-value to songs -> new sources of income for labels and artists.

Our value proposition for the public

  • Unique, exciting and affordable asset-class, divided into shares for anyone to invest in and buy a portion of the most beloved music.
  • Favourable investment opportunities and possibility to own material with strong affectional value.
  • Music has always been traded within an inner circle, composed by few insiders;
    Violet connects the industry with the public.
  • Opportunity for traders to diversify their portfolio with a new uncorrelated asset-class.

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