Super Radio
Location: Oslo, Norway Growth Phase: Early
Funding Needs (NOK): MIN: 2 000 000 MAX: 6 000 000

The Business Idea

Maritime 5G, land-based broadband solutions. Since 2016, Super Radio have been leading a Maritime 5G project, a world first, funded by the Norwegian Research Council / Forskningsrådet. The European Union have also funded Super Radio.

The Team

Kun Yang, Founder
Terje Røste, Principal Advisor
Ning Zhou, Principal Engineer
Sandra Qian Xiao, PR & Marketing
Espen Klevmark, Board Advisor
Tor Frydenberg, Business Mentor
Kjartan Hauge, Business Mentor

The Market Potential

USD 4.74 Billion (2019 figures) Maritime communication, Global market size, prior to IOT (Internet Of Things).


Super Radio AS, a high-tech startup founded in 2014 in Oslo, is the maritime 5G pioneer for ocean digitalization and autonomous ship. It provides professional maritime land-based broadband solutions, radio channel measurement/channel sounding solutions and related consultant services. Since 2016, Super Radio AS is leading the world’s first 5G Maritime communication project “LTE, WIFI and 5G Massive MIMO Communications in Maritime Propagation Environments (MAMIME)” funded by the Norwegian Research council. In 2017, World’s first maritime 5G massive MIMO channel measurement campaign with a research vessel for autonomous operations was successfully performed in MAMIME project in Trondheimfjord. In 2019, it become the 5G test solution provider for the small-version yara birkeland, which is the world’s  first fully electric and autonomous container ship.

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