Healthy EATS
Location: Bergen, Norway Growth Phase: Early
Funding Needs (NOK): MIN: 1 000 000 MAX: N/A

The Business Idea

Healthy EATS is a brand new healthy fast-food concept, using innovative technology to make healthy food easier and more available for the Norwegian population. Our unique concept is built on efficiency, quality and sustainability. The dishes are produced in cooperation with award-winning chefs, and will be made available to our customers through a large amount of unmanned pick-up stations (HEALTHY EATS FOOD WALLS) in all of the biggest cities. As a result of this, Healthy EATS will be able to deliver high quality food for a reasonable price, and most importantly, without any waiting time.

The Team

Vilde Regine Tellnes, CEO / Co-Founder

Tellnes holds a masters in economics and has start-up experience from both Silicon Valley & Norway.

Arve Førland Eide, CFO / Co-founder

Eide is taking his masters in finance at NHH and has previously attended Gründerskolen, where he worked in a fintech start-up in Toronto.

The Market Potential

The commercial potential of Healthy EATS is calculated using Norwegian companies with similar business models as a benchmark. If Healthy EATS sell half the number of dishes per pick-up station as our competitors does per restaurant, we plan to sell approximately 25,000 dishes per year per pick-up station. The plan is to have at least 5 pick up stations in the 10 biggest cities in Norway, which will give sales revenues above 102 million NOK per year in Norway. It is also our plan to establish our business in other Scandinavian countries, where the commercial potential is larger.


April 2020, Healthy EATS received 1 Million NOK in grants from the Norwegian Research Council, and 100 000 NOK from Innovation Norway. This funds will be used to launch our concept in Bergen november 2020.

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