Location: Oslo, Norway Growth Phase: Early
Funding Needs (NOK): MIN: 2 500 000 MAX: 3 500 000

The Business Idea

There is currently no commercially available product that ensures a 100% sterile contact lens when it is inserted into the eye. This means that the eye is put at risk of exposure to bacteria and damage during the insertion and removal processes. The world’s 300 million contact lens users have a 90% chance of contracting an eye infection (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2020). Statistics from the United States show that every year more than one million
Americans develop eye infections, and that the majority of these are caused by contact lenses. In addition, for many people it is difficult and uncomfortable to insert and remove lenses with their fingers due to reflexive blinking.

DKV’s Lenshelper ensures sterile handling of contact lenses even under the most demanding conditions. The Lenshelper helps prevent eye infections and eases the insertion and removal processes for those who experience discomfort when handling lenses with their fingers.

The Lenshelper is a patented contact lens application-kit offering an effective way to effortlessly and hygienically insert and remove all daily wear contact lenses without touching them. It significantly reduces the risk of exposure to bacteria as well as eye damage. The applicator is of medical grade silicon and comes in a waterproof food grade material container that when filled with lens fluid ensures that the applicator remains sterile in between uses.

The Team

Corrine J. Omberg, Founder / Product Inventor

Corrine is a is a licensed healthcare professional and has a background from cosmetics production for her own brand Corrine Cosmetics. She is driven by a passion to find better solutions for existing issues.

Nicolai Åsberg, Founder / General Manager / Chairman

Nicolai’s broad experience includes working as the interdisciplinary Chief Adviser at Ycom Group, as the co-founder, art director, and project manager at Baggy Media and from being one of the founders of DKVision. Nicolai has an extensive network and the proven ability to execute and follow through on projects.

Frank Bersvendsen, Investor and Advisor

Frank has an extensive background as the founder of successful companies such as Jobconnect and Toptemp. The latter with an annual turnover of more than NOK 400 million. Frank is a board member of several companies and his broad financial expertise is extremely valuable to DKV.

Jan Erik Ruud, Advisor and partner

Jan’s contribution to DKV stems from his extensive expertise in marketing and “go -to-market” strategies. Jan Erik holds a master’s degree in marketing from BI and has worked
in major companies such as Procter & Gamble and for Jernia where he was a purchasing manager for “private brands”.

Hanne Lunde Husetuft, Advisor

With 31 years of experience Hanne is a true expert in the field of optometry. Her resume includes time spent as an ambulatory optician at DinOptiker which makes her indispensable to the DKVision team.

Sissel-Tove Åsberg, Communications Advisor

Sissel-Tove runs Aasberg Communications in Brussels, where she works as an international communications and marketing strategist. She has a double master’s degree (MSc) within international communications and she is a graphic designer.

Geir Arne Eide, Advisor

Geir Arne has an impressive background as director for several major chain stores. He has worked as purchasing director for Jernia, commercial director at Apotek 1 and as commercial director at Komplett apotek. Geir Arne holds a master’s degree in marketing from BI and a has a solid national and international network.

The Market Potential

On a global scale you’ll find 128 million people who uses contact lenses on a daily basis.

The market is at 7.5 billion dollars and the trend is growing with 4-5% every year for and has been for 8 straight years.

Competitive advantage
The Lenshelper clearly has a competitive advantage
over competing products which:

  1. are unable to handle all types of daily wear contact lenses
  2. are not designed to ensure that contact lenses, applicator and lens grip remain sterile during and in between uses
  3. do not offer a system for inserting and removing the lens without contaminating one or more parts of the product.

Market approach
The company will generally focus on European and USA markets. The Lenshelper is patented in Norway, and the application has been approved for EPO, USA, ASIA and HK.


The product itself have received very good reviews from early stage testing and is soon readyfor mass production in a large scale.

At this moment we are excited to invite Angel investors with experience and money to come on board to helpus reach new levels and get the product out to the people.

Please let us know if you would like a demo of the product, want a presentation with a business plan or meeting.


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