Smak Av Hav
Location: Stavanger, Norway Growth Phase: Early
Funding Needs (NOK): MIN: 1 000 000 MAX: 3 000 000

The Business Idea

The idea is to make seafood more available to the consumers. With a new way of thinking and doing. No food waste on the way. In order to reduce the operational risk, customers pay in advance before receiving the seafood they have ordered.

We have developed a system from the sea and to the table. Ready for the marked. Where the marked is. But we need to seek a long term partner to grow with us.

The Team

Inge Eirik Skogland, Founder

I am a food entrepreneur with 20 years of food and restaurant experience. The last 4 years of my life has been focus on the way of making seafood more available to the public. We think we have the best solution.

We are now a new team of smal owners and a new board, ready to start the job!

The Market Potential


  • 2021, 50 Mill NOK.
  • 2022, 70 Mill NOK.

We have today multiple contracts for delivery and sales, that could be as much as 150 Mill NOK in 2021. We have made the concept to fit in other countries as well.


The investment will go to the expansion of ICT and the purchase of refrigerators to be deployed at restaurants with which we have agreements.

We can’t show our full skal concept her, but if interested in more dersom, let us know.

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