Location: Bodø, Norway Growth Phase: Early
Funding needs (NOK): MIN: 600 000 MAX: 1 000 000

The Business Idea

Norskin Materials AS offer a modern, high-end material sourced from the ice-cold seas of Northern Norway. Utilizing renewable sources to help build a better future, Norskin is the materials of tomorrow, available today.

We are here to fill the Gap between Norwegian suppliers of raw fish skin and EU producers of exotic leather.

The Team

Michal Meyer Nilssen, Chief Executive Officer

Michal is responsible for the business development and management in the company. He has academic background and strong competence in economics, innovation and finance.

Malin Kristine Hanssen, Director of Marketing

Malin has academic background in international marketing and is responsible for brand building, marketing & communication.

The Market Potential

Norskin has the opportunity to ingest the world wide market of exotic leather by focusing on building its brand. The world market share of exotic leather is arround 17%, 4.42 billion euros.

By having a strong brand, Norskin will compete with differential advantage in the market. The company believes that strong branding; traceability in value chain, innovation in product and production process and differentiation from other competitors will help in capturing in market share and market development.


Norskin is currently building a 200k EUR pilot production facility for their fish skin processing facility and has recently closed the second round of investments. Our goal is to supply top European fashion houses with a sustainable alternative to leather. We are here to start the dialogue with new potential investors to secure capital for the next phase.

Partners: Arctic Accelerator; KUPA; Innovasjon Norge; Inkubator Salten (KPB); Føn Designlab; By North; Bodø Kommunes Næringsfond; Samfunnsløftet; SparkNord.

NOK 2 140 000 in total grants.

Professional Board of Directors: Michal Meyer Nilssen, Maiken Johnsen, Anders Tørud & Roy B. Nilssen.

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